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 Halloween SPECIAL:
Yo! It's almost Halloween and I'm excited to be working here on FTpixxx for 2 months or so. So to Celebrate that and the Month's theme, I will PRIORITIZE all HALLOWEEN themed request that will be made till the 2nd of NOVEMBER! Of course only one request per member. There is only one request I saw with the halloween theme, so till the requests comes in, ill just post my finished 5 or 6 pics from where I left off soon.  Make sure when you make the requests it has the word "halloween" on it! Be creative and show the world you nastiest most perverted desires for these Fairy Tail chicks..or chucks.
JUVIA is waifu :p

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  1. Don/fish1337 says:

    really nice cover page ;)
    but nothing can beat the style you are normaly using ^^

  2. daz says:

    I like this new style bro

  3. Gee says:

    Nice one, Lexus. We will enjoy your Fairy Tail crafts for 2 months then hopefully see you back in Bleach.

  4. Damn says:

    Didn’t expect see you to have the same opinion as I do about Juvia Lexus.
    I forgot where to put the requests so I’m just going to put it here.
    My request for Halloween is an Avatar:the Last airbender or Legend of Korra themed drawing with Natsu for fire, Juvia for water, Wendy or Chelia (or both) for wind, and Laki for earth. I leave the costumes up to you, since I’m don’t know what would be the best for them.

    • Lexus says:

      thanks, i think you need to log in and the suggestion box is at the left or right side of the site :) , i cannot count this if its not in the suggestion box :(

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