Posted on: March 31st, 2015 by Ferds 5 Comments
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requested by Natsu Strauss

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  1. SonOfZeref says:

    We Need More Levy!! could you have Levy getting some steel Gajeel action?

  2. Pain-Sama says:

    I like this one. And Levi´s body is right – I mean not too large breasts or something. This is much better than the pics where Levi (or Mavis) are too busty. Good job.

    • Ferds says:

      its kinda hard to work on Mavis and not make her look loli. :(

      • Pain-Sama says:

        That´s kinda true. If you do it like this Levi for example it would be perfect. I dont want to criticize or offense you. The last pic with Mavis and Lucy is great. Just keep it and you become better and better ^^

  3. @Ferds

    Wow… So fast !

    Anyway, thank you very much Ferds ! He really wait to see the colored version !

    Can you add some details, please ? I’d like Jet (in fact I find it odd that it is not indicated as such in the Tag) ejaculates in pussy Levu (traves visisbles) and we see the share of fun in their faces if possible. For the expression of their faces I trusted you selected the ones you want. You always did a great job !

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