Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 by Ferds 11 Comments
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requested by xxxLover, 

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  1. mavislover says:

    easily your best pic till date on mavis

    • Tenchi2k says:

      i agree, but he is still drawing her boobs to big. Mavis is more of a washboard xD

      • Ferds says:

        well, it is known that i should not make her look loli :C

        • Tenchi2k says:

          i think they are being to stodgy with that rule, there are plenty of anime girls thats over 18 that look under. thats what makes them popular.

          • Kami says:

            There is probably good reason for the anti-loli rule. I’m sure Hentaikey has witnessed several occasions where artists and consumers have been prosecuted for such material. These instances may be rare, but are nonetheless a possibility. Perhaps HK has been threatened by legal action in the past for questionable material. Laws in many western countries are still anti-loli, despite it being a purely fictional and victimless endeavor. Why jeopardize the largest hentai network in the west over one fetish (one that many do not even approve of anyway)?

            Mavis may be a ghost that is well over a hundred years old, but she still looks very young and thus it would be too risky to draw her canonically.

          • Some Guy says:

            Fiction or not pedophilia is pedophilia.Fiction shouldn’t be used as a way to let pedo’s get material.

          • Kami says:

            I’d love to agree with you there, Some Guy, but the truth is that loli effectively keeps many pedos in check. It’s popular in Japan because they realize this. Can you imagine how many more child abuse cases would occur if such an outlet didn’t exist? If fiction shouldn’t be used in this way, then what should be done about this growing problem?

            Alas, it doesn’t belong here on HentaiKey, but it does belong elsewhere.

          • Ferds says:

            well, i have a Wendy some guy and Wendy Edolas request coming up.. how do you think that’d end up?

  2. xxxLover says:

    Amazing pic! Great job Ferds thank you so much :)

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