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requested by Bigbang. Since the web admins are still working up on a fix on the thumbnail issues for non-members.. ill try to make it up to ya, ill give you guys a 'free suggestion' post 

38 Responses

  1. Nerder says:

    Request lesbian Cana x Erza..

  2. souleaterx says:

    Not that I’m complaining, but you really don’t need to do this, it’s not like we (the freeloaders) pay for this or anything.

    • Ferds says:

      well, it’s a one time thing (or anything that could boost up all who visits this site)

      since the past few days that the website’s got alot of problems :)

  3. WakeUpKiva says:

    “Let’s have a shower together” Lucy and busty Wendy having a heavy cum shower all over their bodies.

    • Jacketguy says:

      This, or really just any girls getting bukakked since there are only like 4 of your works that include cum showers. (I say any girls but I’d really like to see Levi since her last pic was godly and now I have a newfound love for her :) )

  4. Garret says:

    Pls do a Meredy Pic

  5. marcus says:

    Hey love your pics could do Kagura giving a blowjob to one person?

  6. marcus says:

    Hey love your work ferds could you do Kagura giving a blowjob to one person?

  7. asdf says:

    How about some Meredy? :D

  8. Anon says:

    Request: Lucy and Natsu reverse cowgirl anal

  9. Xeos says:

    Title: “My Sword Has Other Uses”

    Kagura using her sword as a makeshift dildo while standing with her legs spread open and her hands holding her breasts from underneath.

    It’d be nice if she was slightly shy but kept that refined look she always has.

  10. ferdfan says:

    hey could you please make a new yukata with mirajane or kagura for example?

  11. Aoki says:

    Well, i think Jenny x Lucy would be nice..
    since both are blonde-haired, like a sisters xD

    im gonna request that!

  12. Gixmo says:

    I would like to see a picture of Erza fucking with Ichiya

  13. Gixmo says:

    Please make a picture of Ichiya fuckin with Erza

  14. FutureZ says:

    Please make a picture of Erza fucking with Ichiya

  15. kemor says:

    You lack training – Erza is fucking Lucy in the ass from behind with a strap-on. Lucy’s face is in pleasure while Erza has a naughty smile.

  16. Arti6 says:

    I would love to see a pic of like Erza, Cana, Mira, Juvia, and Lucy being simply naked at the Guild Bath… (I know it’s a lot but it’s with a try xD)

  17. Zero says:

    Some Jellal x Meredy pls
    And/Or Jellal x Ultear

  18. nalu says:

    Lucy x Mira plase

  19. Ferds says:

    ok, i have noted your requests.. thanks for the suggestions.

  20. ferdsfan says:

    Lucy and erza enema please o/

  21. Silver says:

    I would like to see some lesbian action of Levy and Juvia

  22. Silver says:

    I’d like to see some lesbian action of Levy and Juvia please

  23. @Ferds

    Imitetia is a good choice of request and the image quality is excellent sense to speak of a design that is equally important. The background image decor is well chosen, I admit.

    Now I would like an answer about a question, Ferds. There are some times I made a picture suggestion for a category of images presented by the site itself ” Warped World ” (or one of the other classes of image provided by the site is as you wish, Ferds), this character : Is this possible ? Please. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  24. Godzilla says:

    Hey ferds, could you do one of eras and Lucy scissoring?

  25. BigBang says:

    Thanks ferds she’s perfect, good job.

  26. Lucy says:

    Mira and Lisanna taking a lesbian shower together with their wet bodies, breasts and erected pink nipples pressing together. Call this “Sisters Love”

  27. Gray-sama says:

    Yukino and Lisanna sitting side-by-side nakedly beautiful. Yukino smile a bit shyness and Lisanna smile with sexiness. I prefer their nipples color be pink. The title will be “Look alike”.

  28. SwagMaster says:

    Could you possibly get princess fiore getting banged in the shower by loke and make her boobs partially squished by a glass door and make her body really glisten, also here her can be made a little messy

  29. marcus 18 says:

    Can YOU do sayla giving natsu a blow/boobJob?


  30. marcus 18 says:

    hey could you do syla giving a blow/boobjob to natsu?


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