Warped World 01 – Jenny’s Brilliant Park

Posted on: October 6th, 2014 by Ferds 12 Comments

 its that time of the month (i think) wherein we put the FT babes, and what it'd be like if they would appear on different worlds.  Here's Jenny on that fanservice scene

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12 Responses

  1. R says:

    Moulin Rouge x Erza scarlet please

  2. Umar Al-Sayf says:

    I can no longer see any of the pixxx. :/

  3. Nerder says:

    Bisca x Erza lesbian fingering please <3

  4. asdf says:

    That title though… ahahaha

  5. WakeUpKiva says:

    Love Jenny! However, I mistook her for Lucy because of the bathroom scene lol

  6. Lexus1Fan says:

    Nice i thought were Lucy xD. By the way your art is improving Ferds, grats mate.

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