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requested by Pheles

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  1. GoP says:

    Finally a fapworthy pic!

  2. GoP says:

    Is this anal by the way? no tags.:[

  3. ERAZER says:

    Please begin make Coco’s arts(sry for Eng)

  4. GoP says:

    one of your best pics so far, for sure!

  5. ichi says:

    You guys are good artists as naruto and bleach pixxx, not to offend but i noticed your weakness is in drawing the body shape and legs, those are too rounds, u need to make those body forms more realistics si they can be very sexy just as rex draws from naruto pixxx, and hands are not detailed enough (u dont draw nails, which is important on girls characters), also adding a bit of light effects on the skin of characters would make it perfectly sexier and hotter, and last thing, u draw the faces and expressions very well, good job nothing to say about it, good continuation guys! Good luck for your next draws, i hope i didn’t offend you, just wanted to point out some and advise for you perfection your fairy tail hentai draws and get more fans and likes for your art. Peace :) hope those advices will make your next drawings even better.

  6. Drago says:

    do Natsu and Kagura shower sex please?

  7. The sex goddesses are Fairy Tail ! :D ~ ♥

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