Doe Eyes
Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by Web Admin 4 Comments
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The last time I did her in a bondage scene... well, let's just say it felt like I ought to fix it. This one feels way better, I think.

Hm, also, another Gray chapter in the manga eh? Wonder what'll happen on the next...

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  1. Mikz says:

    pretty cute wendy there

    with gray getting the glory for the past few chapters, maybe you should feature him banging a chick. just an opinion i guess.

  2. Tenchi2k says:

    i’ve looked 2 pages of the requests, and i can’t figure out where Nabe is on the requests atm. It feels like it must be 5 or 6 pages back. i hope thats not the case =/ but if someone knows aprox how far back from say the request page that says ” Latest on 05/28/2013 ” (thats just one page over from the current) i’d apprecate it.

  3. FUNKISTXXX says:

    good job! I like most of your pics keep drawing! I always wait every pics you upload

  4. GodOfPeace says:

    Can you please draw some yaoi?(Gay porn) Thumbs up for good idea!

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