Taming The Sky Dragon
Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by Web Admin 9 Comments
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Requested by koy

Overall, I think it turned out ok. Just a bit unsure about the perspectives a bit, and half my mind wanted to put Lucy in a latex suit, but sorta just put her in the buff halfway down the line. Also, never actually done a "Domme Lucy" type thing before. Yeah, now that's something I should remember making every now and then. The possibilities...

Oh yeah, and who's anxious about the upcoming chapter? Should be around the corner now...

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  1. nemunemunemu says:

    I loved this one!!!

  2. koy says:

    hey nabe!

    thx for my doing my request, altough imagined a little diffrent, it is very well to my liking.

    thx again, and keep up the good work, as always :)

  3. SJ says:

    Perspective is fine, just Wendy’s hair is the only tiny flaw here. Still an awesome pic.

    • Sterling says:

      Actually, the perspective is pretty out of whack.

      It’s an interesting theme, though.

      • Nabe says:

        what I liked about it is how Lucy gets a little “top” time, usually she’s on the receiving end of all kinds of rapey scenarios (in canon, even… I mean, try backtracking to the first episode/chapter)

    • Nabe says:

      yeah, just the hair bit

  4. yuki says:

    request me, angel xxx cobra pleased

  5. Erza lover says:

    Finally, Lucy is the bad ass and not the person who always get naked and used. :D This is a new idea. I like it. I think the inspiration came from the newest chapter, though.

    Anyhow, thanks man!

  6. Ish207 says:

    Can u please do a pic of Wendy Marvell and Natsu??

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