What Ties Me Down

What Ties Me Down…

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Web Admin 11 Comments

...Is My Heart Which Tells Me I Cannot Fly

It's official: I'm a fanboy in love. Just give her a pair of glasses and... hnngghh! Lifted the quote out of the manga chapter from last week (FT #325), but haven't been able to squeeze the time to do something. But today/tonight I got some time, and I reckon this is time well-spent. Kinda wish I could chisel in a few fine details, but I'm also counting on posting another one for a 2-fer.

Also, fan theory time: I'm probably not the first guy to have thought of this, but since we learned the truth about Kagura's backstory, does this mean Yukino may have a connection with a character from one of the previous arcs? I can think of one girl... ;)

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  1. ErzaxZoro1991 says:

    Whoa nabe, between the last pic with Lucy and this really hot bondage pic with Yukino, you have grown to rival the drawing skills of Ellery and Rex

    • Nabe says:

      ok now you’re just flattering me bro… :P

      • Xeos says:

        I have to say though, that you’re art style is getting better.

        Is there any chance of more lesbian pics? You know, strap on? Self masturbation etc?

        Keep on working, you’ll eventually have you’re own style that works for you.

        • Nabe says:

          tell you what, I’m just about to do something like that… have this idea I’ve been wanting to try out

  2. yukiangel says:

    genial, yukino x rogue or sting

  3. SJ7 says:

    Hot, and I have a good feeling of who Yukino is. ;)

  4. coco says:

    thumbs up

  5. ace says:

    Good pic nabe very hot 10/10
    I’m thinking shes you know whos sister if you now what mean and i think you do ;D
    We’re all thinking it XD

  6. Erza lover says:

    Stop, stop, bro. I haven’t read the latest chapters yet, though the anime were cancelled a while ago. I am just kidding with ya. Spoil as much as you like, because this is the kind of spoiling to be mad at. :)

    Anyway, great pix of Yukino. Since she came in the series, I have been a huge fan of those big tits. XD I love with them just like you. LOL Wha’re pervs we are. Should be ashamed of our self. Nah, just kidding with ya.

  7. niceeee says:

    no he is right, a drastic improvement from the first ones, keep it up nabe :-bd

  8. veryniceguy says:

    I like this one,please make another one like this and of course with Yukino inside :)

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